The Lockdown Diary of an Only Child

8th October 2020 – Golly it’s October already and what a time it’s been – four months of homeschooling, followed by two months of ‘delivering’ a summer holiday in these very strange and difficult times. No time to really think about anything else – apart from hand washing & getting through! I did however manage to squeeze in some photography, and you can see the results in the project section of my website. I photographed my son and his time at home during lockdown. Being an extrovert only child has had its challenges, but he’s survived and is now back at school for who knows how long…. I did photograph at Sydenham Garden too. It was empty of the usual chatter and friendship and becoming overgrown. Fox cubs had taken residence. I’m delighted to say that the garden is now open again, with co-workers and volunteers returning. No doubt, it will be restored to its former glory with their hard work and dedication. I can’t wait to see it!