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Your privacy matters to me. This document outlines how I collect, process and look after your personal data. Personal data means any information capable of identifying you as an individual. Please read this and feel free to contact me if you have any queries.


Who I am

I am Anne-Marie Briscombe, a photographer based in London. You can contact me by:

Phoning: 07929 562 038

020 8299 3979


My website address is 


What personal data do I collect from you?

Contact Information
I am primarily commissioned by organisations so if you contact me from an organisation I will have your corporate contact information including your job title, email address, phone number and work address.However if an individual commissions me or if an organisation has commissioned me to photograph an individual I may have your name, email address, telephone number and venue address e.g. home, work or local group address (i.e. wherever the shoot is to take place).


Model Releases/Consent Form
This contact information may also be included on a model release form i.e. a consent form either administered by me or by a representative of the organisation that has commissioned me. 


As a photographer I take images of people. Images of people are classed as personal data.  


Why do I collect this information from you & how do I use it?

Contact Information
I collect contact information so I can contact you to organise the photo-shoot, so I know where I need to go to take the images and where I need to send the images once they are completed.


Model Releases/Consent Form
Information on a model release form is collected to keep a record of the consent you have given and to ensure images are used in accordance with this. I may contact an individual if I need to discuss the terms of their model release.


I do not contact individuals directly for marketing purposes. I contact organisations on a business-to-business basis for marketing purposes.


I take images of people because I am a photographer and I am commissioned to do so. I also take images of people for personal projects. 



• Commissioned images
If I have been commissioned to take images of you I will edit and process these images using standard photographic packages such as Photoshop & Lightroom and then digitally transfer them to the organisation that has commissioned me. I do this using We Transfer or the in-house digital transfer package of the organisation concerned. The organisation that has commissioned me will then use the images as agreed with me usually prior to the shoot and with you, the subject before, during or after the shoot. The usage often, but not exclusively includes marketing, press, promotional and editorial purposes including being published in hard copy and on websites and social media. When an organisation has commissioned images they are solely responsible for ensuring that images are used as agreed.


When commissioned to photograph an event attendees should have the opportunity to opt out of being included in the images. It is the responsibility of the client to make it clear either verbally or visually that photography is taking place and for individuals to have the opportunity to make it known that they do not wish to be photographed.


As a photographer I need to promote and market my work in order to obtain new clients and further commissions. I do this by showing previous examples of images that I have taken for the organisations that have already commissioned me. I primarily do this through my website as an online portfolio. I only use images of people with their consent. You will have given consent for your image to be included on my website either verbally or in writing (by completing a model release form) either to me directly or to the organisation who has commissioned me. In the case of events you will have not opted out of the images. I do not use people’s names but I do include the name of the organisation that has commissioned me. (See below: Sensitive Data)


Ideally I also need to be able to use images for printed publications, promotional materials, social media & may include photographic competitions, journals and exhibitions. Again I only do this with the individual’s consent or where they have not opted out in the case of event images.


• Personal Projects Images
Images for personal projects will be edited and processed using standard photographic packages like Photoshop & Lightroom. These images will be used as agreed between myself and the individual concerned. The usage will primarily be to market and promote my work and myself as a photographer – both digitally and in hard copy. This will include my website, printed publications, promotional materials, social media &may include photographic competitions, journals and exhibitions.



Contact Information
Contact Information of individuals is stored in a secure environment for six months after the commission has been completed.


Model Release Forms
Model releases are stored in a secure environment for as long as the permission granted in them remains valid.


Images are stored in a secure environment indefinitely for archival purposes. You will have given permission for me to store these images for archive purposeseither directly or to the organisation that has commissioned me.


Third Party Transfer

Transferring images to clients
Images are digitally transferred to the organisations & individuals that commission me using We Transfer. You can read more about their privacy policy here:



My website is a website hosted

You can read more about their privacy policies here:


Sensitive Data

Images of people are not normally considered to be sensitive data. However the context in which an image is taken could render the image as sensitive data. For example images of people attending a support group for people with mental health problems or alcohol issues. Organisations that commission these images are responsible for obtaining explicit consent as defined by GDPR. I am responsible for obtaining explicit consent for such images taken for personal projects.


On what grounds do I collect and process this data?

 I collect this data on one or more of the following legal bases:


More on Legitimate Interests

I consider my legitimate interests to be the following: to run a photography business that takes images, but not exclusively of people; to promote my work to gain further commissions.


What rights do you have?

You have the following rights to your information:


In order to exercise any of these rights, please email me at with the subject title ‘My Rights’. Feel free to contact me with any general questions about my privacy policy too.


Tel: 07929 562 038 or 020 8299 3979


You have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) if you believe that your data has been processed in a way not compliant with the GDPR, which you can do by calling the ICO helpline on 0303 123 1113 or contacting them via their website:



A cookie is a small piece of information sent by a web server to a web browser, which enables the server to collect information from the browser.  


Find out more about cookies, see this website.


When you view pages on my website and select the option to ‘Remember Me’, a cookie will be placed on your computer that will remember your computer’s details. The cookie does not seek to identify you as an individual, only the computer used, in order to make using the website easier for you next time by keeping track of your browsing patterns. Cookies help us to assess the effectiveness of our website and can as such provide us with useful information.

Most browsers will allow you to turn off cookies if you desire not to use them. If you want to know how to do this, please look at the ‘Cookies’ menu on your browser (usually under any ‘Settings’ menu), or look here


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Updates and changes to our privacy policy

I reserve the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy. Each time you visit my website or otherwise access this Privacy Policy, you should check that no changes have been made to any sections that are important to you. Where possible and if applicable I will notify you of these changes if they affect you.


Last updated: 20th January 2019