Diffusion Wales International Festival of Photography

I think I’ve realised I’m not a natural blogger. A whole year has past since my last post! It might suggest I haven’t been up to much, but in fact I’ve had a busy year. I’ve just hot-footed it back from Cardiff, where some of my work is being exhibited at Diffusion, Wales International Festival of Photography. It all started with an online course last January with Redeye. Participants were put into small groups, mine formed a collective and we called ourselves ‘Ink’. We created a project – ‘Bees and Other Species’- investigating humanity’s reliance and connection to bees. I used this opportunity to further explore the role of community projects in supporting mental health and wellbeing. I worked with Bee Urban in south London a beekeeping and organic gardening project. You can see my images in the Project section of my website, and other Ink members’ work on You can also see our real life exhibition in Cardiff until the end of October 2021!